Mortgage Rate Guarantee

While I guarantee you the lowest and best rates (and I truly do), because Financial Institutions are changing their rates daily and often multiple times a day, I prefer not to quote rates online. Each homebuyer is so different and their needs vary so much that I want to make sure I am quoting you the best rates, for your situation, every time.

Your priorities can affect your mortgage rate 

Are you looking to pay off your mortgage as fast as possible?  Are you looking at stability and want a fixed rate, or are you okay with fluctuations in your payment like a variable rate offers? Do you want to work with a Major Bank, or are you okay with Trust Companies and Credit Unions?  Are you building a home or purchasing an already constructed home?

Each of these questions will require different Financial Institutions and different programs, therefore different rates.

How is your best mortgage rate determined?

All I ask is that you tell me a little bit about yourself and your situation, and then I promise I can quote you my lowest and best rates.  It’s super quick and easy. I wouldn’t be providing you the best customer service and client satisfaction if I just quoted you a rate online.  I promise no hassle and no games, just best advice and best rates